“   The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God's heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth  .

- Dorothy Frances Gurney(“Garden Thoughts”)

Nature has been created with full of beauty & colors with vivid plants and landscape which fills every one’s heart with pleasure and happiness.  If such enchanting natural beauty is created around our dwelling abode, surely it will make our life more blissful !.   In this busy world,  having a beautiful garden of our own,  be it in a large or a small area,  brings us peace of mind and happiness.  A nicely laid-out garden, with attractive interiors, is the practical art of converting the very best of our surroundings, which not only brings happiness to the users, but attracts every visitor.   Be it with a brand new house or renovating the garden of an existing property, knowledge and design skills are very essential to select the plants and landscape materials from the vast array now available according to the customer needs.  Gardening is an art which needs skill and an aesthetic sense of creativity. Although anybody can make a garden,  it requires a deep interest and prolonged involvement.


Ever since its establishment in 1993,  Kairali Gardens has emerged as a professional gardening team with  working knowledge of plants, soils pattern and latest construction technology.  This has been founded on a deep love of nature & gardens.  Our portfolio ranges from small urban spaces to large country gardens with contemporary, traditional, international style. Our Client base ranges from both private individuals to corporate tycoon.

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